Scuttled …. But Very Useful

Do you ever feel useless to God?  Maybe life has stalled for you because of a health issue or a financial challenge.  I’ve experienced the distractions of life’s problems and how they can cause me to feel unproductive for the Lord.  But the other day, as I was watching a WWII program about the invasionContinue reading “Scuttled …. But Very Useful”

Jesus Was Not A Martyr

There have been many Christian martyrs over the centuries, people who gave their lives in defense of the Gospel or as punishment for following the Lord Jesus.  Was Jesus the first martyr when he died on the cross?   The answer is no; Jesus was not a victim of angry people who overpowered Him and putContinue reading “Jesus Was Not A Martyr”

Going Through….Why Doesn’t God Stop This Mess?

Why doesn’t God stop every bad thing?  This question has troubled mankind for centuries.  I can’t presume to know the answer!  I do, however, believe that we can study God’s Word and learn His ways, which might shed some light on this difficult question.  And what I see from Scripture is that typically (not always) but generally GodContinue reading “Going Through….Why Doesn’t God Stop This Mess?”