Your Biggest Problem Can Become Your Greatest Victory

What is your greatest problem?  Many people are dealing with really big issues such as health problems, the death of a spouse, loss of a job or other seemingly impossible situations.

Our biggest problem, the impossible situation, the hopeless circumstance, can become the very thing that God uses to grant us the greatest victory of our lives.

In other words, the very thing we think is our biggest problem is really our salvation, our redemption, our greatest victory.  How does God accomplish this? 

In Exodus chapter 14 the Hebrew people were trapped at the edge of the Red Sea.  They had just fled Egypt after 400 years of slavery.  Moses was leading them through the desert to the land that God had promised to them.  There were likely over a million Hebrew people making this trek to the Promised Land.   

Their journey brought them to the edge of the Red Sea.   The Egyptians decided that it was a mistake to let the Hebrew slaves leave and they started the chase to force them back.  Just imagine that you are one of those Hebrew people in the crowd, looking out over the vast expanse of the sea.  From a distance you hear the thundering of the enemy chariots and horses.  The sound gets louder and louder and you can even see the dust in the air from the pounding horses.  The Red Sea is in front of you and the enemy army is behind you.  Now that’s a problem! 

Yet God used the Hebrew people’s biggest problem to become their greatest miracle and salvation from their enemies.   God opened the sea, creating a path of dry ground for them to cross, providing a way through their impossible situation. 

God could have easily led the people around the sea to get to their destination.  But their enemies would have continued to pursue them for years to come.  They would have always had to watch their backs and live in fear of the Egyptian army.  But God chose to open the Red Sea and lead them right straight through the middle of their problem, a very scary journey indeed.  It took faith to keep trusting that God would hold back the water as they traveled on the open path through the sea. 

After the Hebrews arrived safely to other side, they looked on as God closed the walls of water over the pursuing army, permanently destroying them.   Those enemies would never again rise up against God’s people.  God used this seemingly impossible problem as a mighty tool to eliminate their enemies forever!

Don’t we all wish that we could somehow get around our biggest problem and not have to press on straight through it?  We look at the impossibility but we’re cornered, there’s no other way around it.  Pushing forward and dealing with it every day is exactly what many of us find ourselves having to do.  We look up at the walls of water threatening to engulf us.  But we have no choice except to move forward in faith.  In fact, without faith we’ll lose the battle.  We have to believe in God, who takes us through the seemingly hopeless Red Sea.  We trust God, knowing He will keep holding back the waves that threaten to overtake us. Our enemies are pursuing us so there’s no turning back.

Finally, we reach the other side of the impossible situation.  We look back and realize that the journey, the problem, the challenges have built up our faith, even healed us of brokenness or dysfunctions.  Our personal enemies, maybe the very enemies that we blame for the problem, are gone.  Somehow we learned, we overcame and we know that those enemies will never have the power to rise up against us again.   Victory!

God’s faithfulness was powerfully displayed at the edge of the Red Sea.  By faith, you and I can make it to the other side of our biggest problem and experience the victory that God is faithful to provide!

2 thoughts on “Your Biggest Problem Can Become Your Greatest Victory

  1. A great example of trusting God in the midst of an impossible situation. Oh, that I could remember that He is always able…


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