Silver Path Resources

Silver Path Resources is a publishing and consulting company.


Silver Path Resources was created for the publishing of Beyond Regret. SPR will always strive to provide resources that focus on the truth of God’s Word so that truth seekers can grow in their faith and knowledge of the Lord.


Laurie Driesen provides leadership and spiritual coaching. Contact Laurie for information about how she can help with your specific growth need.

Laurie’s professional experience


Over 20 years

Laurie has been self-employed as a recruiter placing job seekers for over 20 years.

Resume Writing

15 years

Laurie has assisted many individuals in their job searches by providing career coaching, interviewing tips and resume writing to help them present their qualifications in the best professional manner.

Human Resources

10 years

Laurie has worked part time in the Human Resources department of an insurance company handling recruiting, compliance, wellness, education and operational functions.

Leadership Coaching

9 years

Laurie has provided leadership and personal coaching to individuals by helping them identify obstacles in their growth and sharing her professional knowledge and spiritual encouragement.

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