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Sowing Seeds of Hope

Laurie’s friend, Cynthia Roemer, is an inspirational author. She has invited Laurie to be a guest blogger every other month on her website. Check out Cynthia’s books and blog posts!

“Living by Faith” Laurie’s blog post on For the Heart
“How To Help a Broken World” Post on For the Heart
This Can’t Be Undone – Post on “For the Heart”
Linda Lijewski’s Goalsetters Blog

Linda is Laurie’s twin sister and also loves to write. Her passion is to encourage others to follow the Lord, study His Word and be intentional about their Christian walk.

Laurie’s Goodreads page

Click here for Laurie’s Goodreads page.

“Who’s in Control?” Laurie’s post on For the Heart
Let’s Not Stumble In Our Faith – Post on “For the Heart”

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