The moment when the disciples realized that Jesus was really alive, that He overcame death and was resurrected, they were overjoyed.   OVERJOYED!   They had been mourning since Jesus was arrested, beaten, condemned as a criminal and brutally crucified on the cross.  Not only had they been filled with grief, but they feared for their lives, knowing they could likely be sentenced to the same fate. 

But then, early in the morning after the Sabbath, Mary Magdalene came running to the disciples claiming she had seen the risen Lord!   That evening the disciples were together, hiding behind locked doors, when suddenly Jesus stood with them.  He showed them His hands and side and ……

“The disciples were overjoyed when they saw the Lord.”  John 20:20

How wonderful it must have felt in that moment to fully grasp that Jesus had overcome death and the grave.  Even that huge stone placed in front of the tomb couldn’t keep Him inside.  Roman soldiers guarding the tomb couldn’t stop Jesus from walking out of the tomb.  In one amazing moment, the disciples’ fear and grief disappeared as they came to the deep realization that Jesus really was who He claimed to be.  Everything Jesus said must be true.  Jesus is truly their Messiah, the Son of God, who not only performed miracles, calmed the stormy seas, healed the sick and raised the dead, but right before their very eyes, proved that He has power even over His own death!   He was standing before them, in His resurrected body, having overcome the very worst that can come against a person.

The disciples would never be the same again.  Once they were convinced of the truth, saw with their own eyes, and experienced being with the risen Lord, they would be filled with faith and courage to share the good news with the world around them.


How did you feel when you came to the deep realization that it’s all true?  Jesus is who He claimed to be.  Jesus overcame death and the grave and paid for your sin by the shedding of His blood on the cross.  He satisfied the judgement of God against sin, taking the curse of sin on Himself.  And overcoming death, He opened the way for you and me to be forgiven and receive the gift eternal life in Heaven.

How did you feel when you humbled yourself and asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior?  Were you overjoyed as the disciples were? Will you serve Him and share the good news with the world around you?

The disciples were eyewitnesses and faithfully recorded what they saw and heard, and persevered in sharing the Gospel.  Their message has spanned the centuries, still calling out to us from the pages of Scripture. 

If you have never experienced being “overjoyed” with the knowledge that Jesus is your Lord and Savior, today is the perfect day to come to the same realization that the disciples felt when they saw the resurrected Jesus. 


And be overjoyed!

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