Scuttled …. But Very Useful

Do you ever feel useless to God?  Maybe life has stalled for you because of a health issue or a financial challenge.  I’ve experienced the distractions of life’s problems and how they can cause me to feel unproductive for the Lord.  But the other day, as I was watching a WWII program about the invasion of France on D-Day, I was fascinated to learn of an ingenious plan used by the Allied forces to turn damaged ships into useful tools.

The usefulness of useless vessels

Since the beaches along the Normandy coast had no port facilities, a well-thought out plan was developed to create a harbor.  The troops “scuttled” the wide range of ships and boats that were rendered useless.  The military purposely sunk the ships that had failed engines, holes in their sides or were otherwise damaged.  These sunken ships and boats in the shallow water of the beaches created a wave-breaking barrier that would protect the good boats and serve as a pier to drive the trucks onto the beach.  The “useless” ships became such important tools that many good ships even towed these boats behind them as they headed to the invasion point on D-Day.

The useless boats actually helped the Allied forces become stronger!  They were just as important as the healthy, functioning boats.  In fact, they were crucial to helping the Allied troops win the battle at Normandy. 

God uses scuttled vessels

God can use broken, sunken vessels to actually help accomplish His mission in the world.   In fact, the seemingly useless time we spend working through our problems or helping others with their issues can actually strengthen us and make us more like Christ.  This makes us even more useful to God and valuable in His mission.

I went through a long season of being distracted by problems and feeling unproductive for the Lord.  But as I continued to devote myself to learning and growing in my faith, I began to write about what God had been teaching me.  My books and blogs are a direct result of those “scuttled” years. 

I read a story about a young child who had a debilitating disease.  The child couldn’t speak but was able to interact with people around her.  The mother shared her perspective of how much joy her daughter brought to their family.  The little girl was “scuttled” yet the entire family was blessed and grew spiritually strong through their trial.

The Apostle Paul was scuttled and “sunk” deep in a prison cell where he wrote four letters to churches.  Those letters are in the New Testament and are the most widely read letters ever written!  God used this scuttled vessel as a harbor for others to be strengthened in their faith.

If you wonder how God can use you while you’re busy working through your distracting issues, remember the scuttled boats off the coast of Normandy.  Those “useless” boats served to aid the soldiers and strengthen the mission of the Allied troops. Both the healthy ships and the scuttled vessels in the end became trophies of a well-deserved victory!

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