You may have a copy of this bestselling book right in your own home.

This book contains more wisdom than any other book on the market.
It will give you knowledge about life, relationships, work, money, marriage, health and much more.

This book will become your very best friend.  It will be there for you when you are lonely.  It will comfort you when you’re grieving.  It will give you hope when you can’t see the end of the road.  It will light your path when you don’t know which way to turn.  It will heal you when you’re hurting.  It will cut you open when you need to change.  It will fill you up when you feel empty.   It will make you cry.  It will make you laugh.  It will give you the greatest peace you’ve ever known.  It will give you the greatest joy you’ve ever felt.  It will make you feel complete.

The book is:

A light that shows you the right pathA rock that will crush you into pieces
Fire that burns off imperfectionsA sword that will cut your heart open
Balm that will heal youWater that will wash you clean
A refuge when you have no one elseFood that satiates your hungry soul
A plumb line of truth to expose liesA sword when you are in a battle

If that isn’t enough for you and you want to read other literary works, this book offers more variety than any other book.  It offers you:
Mystery, romance, murder, poetry, royalty, war, songs, history, love, friendship, countries being raised up, countries being torn down, stories of success and stories of failure.  It answers your deepest questions about the “whys” of life and the world.  And if you want to know what will happen in the future, it even discloses what is coming.

Not only is this book a bestseller, it is the bestselling book of all time. Over 5 billion copies have been sold and distributed throughout the world , with 100 million still being sold every year.  Portions of it have been translated into over 2,500 languages.
It is a compilation of 66 books, written by about 40 authors over the course of 1500 years. The authors include a farmer, tax collector, tent maker, doctor, fishermen, shepherds, kings, priests, government officials and prophets.  Each wrote what they were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write. Therefore, there is only one Author of this book.
The documents contained in this book were diligently examined for many years by councils and church leaders. Thousands of other documents were discarded for lack of evidence or proof of validity.  The books included in the final copy stood the test of truth, authority, doctrine and inspiration.  The result: God’s Word.  His message left on this earth for all of us, including you and me.

The Price of this Book
Take this book and hold it in your hands.  The book you hold has withstood scrutiny, criticism, threats, and vicious attacks.  Thousands of people were killed in their quest to get this book published and distributed.  Millions more have been put to death, even to this day because they believe what this book says.  It has been and is still forbidden in many countries to own this book.  If authorities in some countries found this book in your home, you would be jailed or killed.  Most of the writers of this book paid the highest price – their own blood, to boldly proclaim their faith. 

The Old Testament reveals God’s relationship with the Jewish nation and the prophets predicted the coming of Jesus, the Messiah.  The New Testament records Jesus’ life on earth, His miracles and His work of salvation.

Jesus predicted His crucifixion and resurrection.  There were over 500 eyewitnesses of Jesus after His resurrection and the Christian church was born.  The New Testament contains eyewitness reports of Jesus’ life.  You can read them in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Paul was called to be an Apostle and he wrote 13 books of the New Testament. 

The bestseller that you are holding in your hand is more valuable than silver, gold and worldly wealth.  That means it’s priceless.  The author of this bestseller is God.
It is….
The Bible

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